We are located in the heart of the art gallery district in Manhattan at
    526 West 26th st Suite 802
    New York, NY 10001

    Telephone: 212-995-0655

    EPW Studio is a boutique photography studio based in the heart of the NYC Chelsea gallery district. The studio focuses exclusively on the documentation of fine art and is deeply committed to creating images of the highest quality for both art historical preservation and as a means of accessibility and advancement of fine art. EPW Studio's team is educated in art history and steeped in the various trends and media of classic and contemporary art making. The Studio is led by: Maris Hutchinson, head photographer; Mary Raap, studio director; and Matthew Conradt, digital production director.
    EPW Studio is named in homage to the late Ellen Page Wilson, founder and former head photographer of Ellen Page Wilson Photography. Under Ellen Wilson's tutelage the EPW Studio team first came together as colleagues, students, great friends and collaborators.